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Fetterman defends debate performance: ‘We showed up’

“If anybody wants to mock that … it’s about getting back up and fighting,” Fetterman said to host Joy Reid.

The Democratic nominee’s comments also came after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday the Pennsylvania debate “didn’t hurt us too much.” Schumer made the remark on a hot mic to President Joe Biden.

At a rally Wednesday evening, Fetterman appeared more steadfast than at the debate. After he admitted the debate “wasn’t exactly easy,” a supporter can be heard shouting, “We still love you!” in a video posted to Fetterman’s Twitter.

Fetterman also addressed Oz’s assertion Tuesday that abortion decisions should be handled between “women, doctors [and] local political leaders.”

“It’s alarming,” Fetterman said on MSNBC.

The lieutenant governor’s polling lead has shrunk in recent weeks, with the race now rated a toss-up. Fetterman’s campaign has said his issues communicating stem from auditory processing issues due to the aftermath of the stroke; however, he has not released comprehensive medical records.

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