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Brittney Griner Is Headed to a Truly Horrific Place

“I quickly realized I didn’t know my country,” she told me. Now the advocacy group provides a wide range of assistance to people incarcerated in Russia, from offering humanitarian aid during their sentences to training public defenders. Romanova moved to Germany in 2017 after Russian authorities accused her of embezzling funds and raided the non-profit’s …


Alaska-Australia flight could place bird in record books

CANBERRA, Australia —  A young bar-tailed godwit appears to have set a nonstop distance record for migratory birds by flying at least 8,435 miles from Alaska to the Australian state of Tasmania, a bird expert said Friday. The bird was tagged as a hatchling in Alaska during the Northern Hemisphere summer with a GPS chip and …


Biden finds a happy place ahead of Election Day: Upstate New York

And the presidential pomp could not come at a better time for Democrats in New York — where a slate of tight races could decide control of the House and Gov. Kathy Hochul faces a closer-than-expected challenge from GOP foe Lee Zeldin. Despite growing midterm anxiety in the White House, Biden’s entry into battleground races …


Disability services differ by ‘race and place,’ report finds

The system charged with ensuring that California adults with developmental disabilities get crucial services is plagued with stark differences in spending by race, ethnicity and where people live, according to a report released Wednesday by a disability advocacy group. The report from Disability Voices United, titled “A Matter of Race and Place,” builds on long-standing …


How L.A. became the most overcrowded place in the U.S.

The virus first struck Leonardo Miranda, who rented a shed and shared the kitchen, bathroom and dining room in the main house. It spread to a man who slept on three red cushions in the laundry room. Then to a grandfather and grandson who wedged two mattresses into one room. By the time COVID-19 was …