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How the Poland missile strike could change Putin’s war in Ukraine

Polish President Andrzej Duda said the missile was likely a Russian-made S-300 — a weapon extensively used by Ukraine during this conflict and a legacy of its history as a Soviet state. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy specifically asked for more S-300 systems, or something similar, when he addressed Congress on March 16, three weeks after Russia’s …


NATO meets after Poland blast

Poland’s security chiefs to meet after explosion near Ukraine border Polish political and security leaders will meet again Wednesday to discuss the NATO member country’s response to the explosion that killed two people in a rural village near the border with Ukraine on Tuesday. The country’s National Security Council will meet at noon local time …


Western leaders on high alert after explosion in Poland kills 2

“We cannot confirm the reports or any of the details at this time. We will determine what happened and what the appropriate next steps would be,” National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said in a statement. The Polish foreign ministry said it had confirmed that the missile was Russian-made and that it had summoned the …


Poland convenes emergency meeting after reported blast near Ukraine border

The Polish government convened an emergency security and defense meeting Tuesday, government spokesman Piotr Mueller said, after a reported deadly explosion near the border with Ukraine.  What caused the reported explosion is not clear. Unconfirmed news reports that the blasts were caused by Russian rockets hitting a town a few miles from Ukraine — whether …


What Poland Tells America About Abortion Politics

Exactly how the end of Roe will affect the midterms won’t be clear until the results trickle in after election day. But both Democrats and Republicans could draw valuable lessons from what happened in Poland, chief among them: Throwing abortion to the judiciary doesn’t take it out of the realm of politics. In fact, it …


Poland picks Westinghouse to build its first nuclear plant – POLITICO

Poland awarded a contract to build its first nuclear power plant to a U.S. bid as the country seeks to burn less coal and increase its energy independence. The government in Warsaw chose Westinghouse for the nuclear project, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said late Friday in a tweet praising the U.S. company’s “reliable, safe technology.” …