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Detroit voters were not told at polls that they had already voted

On the afternoon of Election Day, former President Donald Trump suggested that problems at polling places in Michigan’s largest city, a Democratic stronghold, were preventing voters from casting their ballots — a claim that elections officials immediately rejected. “The Absentee Ballot situation in Detroit is REALLY BAD,” Trump wrote in a Nov. 8 post on Truth Social. …


Battle for control of the Senate remains a toss-up as polls close

With the House favored to flip to Republicans, the party that controls the Senate for the next two years will play a decisive role in spending battles and the confirmation of Biden’s judicial and executive branch nominees. If Republicans win back the Senate, the GOP will have the unilateral ability to block Biden’s nominees, who …


5 takeaways from Election Day exit polls so far

The electorate is sour Nearly three-quarters of the electorate is “dissatisfied” or “downright angry” with the way things are going in the nation. Three-quarters of voters think the economy is in “not so good” or “poor condition.” Even more, 78 percent, said inflation has caused their families “moderate” to “severe” hardship. Even without factoring in …


Photos: Angelenos go to the polls — mayor and sheriff up for grabs

Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of selecting the wrong candidate could keep voters from casting their ballots in Tuesday’s midterm election. At stake: Who will lead the nation’s second-largest city and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Wilmington Poll worker Carletta Williams welcomes voters at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2967 in Wilmington. (Christina …


Southland voters head to the polls on a rainy election day

Voters across Southern California braved the rain Tuesday morning to cast their ballots in a midterm election that will determine the balance of power in Congress, abortion access and who will lead the nation’s second largest city. The mood leading up to election day has been one of consternation, with voters grappling with inflation, a …


Key races to watch once polls close on election night

The 2022 midterms are shaping up to culminate in an unpredictable election night, with recent surveys showing close fights in a host of key races that will determine which party controls Congress. A few points in either direction, within the margin of error in many polls, could be the difference between Democrats over-performing to hold …