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Which state goes first in the 2024 presidential primary

WASHINGTON — With the midterm elections barely in the rearview mirror, the competition is heating up among states trying to move up in the presidential primary lineup. And states that delivered for Democrats are making the case that they should be rewarded. Michigan Democrats — led by Rep. Debbie Dingell — feel well positioned to join …


Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid is built on alternative facts

The worst-kept secret in U.S. politics is finally out: Donald Trump is running for president. Again. Trump’s big reveal Tuesday night was originally timed to capitalize and take credit for the red wave that Republicans (and many other observers) expected to crash on Election Day. But, of course, the GOP itself crashed, with many of …


Da Silva wins Brazil presidential election, ends Bolsonaro era

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva defeated his bitter rival, President Jair Bolsonaro, to secure his second term as Brazil’s leader Sunday after a tightly fought race in the world’s fourth-largest democracy. The country’s Superior Electoral Court verified the win. The court said Da Silva secured slightly more than 50.84% of the vote, with 99.10% of …


Brazil’s polarizing presidential contest goes to voters

More than 120 million Brazilians are expected to cast ballots, and because the vote is conducted electronically, the final result is usually available within hours after voting stations close in late afternoon. Most opinion polls gave a lead to da Silva, universally known as Lula, though political analysts agreed the race grew increasingly tight in …