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Leaders push for climate action and fossil tax at U.N. talks

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt — World leaders are making the case for tougher action to tackle global warming Tuesday, as this year’s international climate talks in Egypt heard growing calls for fossil fuel companies to help pay for the damage they have helped cause to the planet. United Nations chief António Guterres warned Monday that humanity …


Candidates make final push before midterms

Nikki Haley campaigns in Wisconsin for GOP with focus on crime and the economy JANESVILLE, Wis. — Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley campaigned Monday with Sen. Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, where Republicans focused their closing message to voters on issues around crime and inflation. She also raised transgender rights and critical race theory.  “They want …


Privacy, security fears push influencers to not post their kids online

During the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, Kodye Elyse started posting what she described as “normal mom quarantine content” on TikTok.  Kodye Elyse, a cosmetic tattoo artist, said she “really wasn’t on social media” before then, so she barely had any followers. Because her videos weren’t getting many views, she felt it “wasn’t a …


In Arizona, GOP leans into immigration as Democrats plead for ‘sanity’ in final midterms push

TUCSON, Ariz. — In the frenzied closing days of the midterm campaign, Republican and Democratic candidates in Arizona are offering voters drastically different visions for the state and country, with conservative contenders pushing a return to Trumpism and their opponents calling for “sanity.” “We know that democracy is at stake,” said Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Democratic …