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Some OnlyFans creators have found a loophole to put their nudes on TikTok

Some OnlyFans creators are using a TikTok artificial intelligence art filter to get around the platform’s community guidelines and promote their explicit content without getting their videos removed. The filter, which was created by TikTok and started trending in September, generates stunning painted landscapes from the photos that users upload. TikTokers initially used the filter …


Michigan votes to put abortion-rights into state constitution

Of the five abortion-rights measures on state ballots, Michigan’s arguably carries the highest stakes. If it had failed, there remained the possibility that a 1931 law banning abortion with no exemptions for rape or incest could have gone back into effect. That law was blocked in court after Planned Parenthood and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer challenged …


How a secret meeting put Hakeem Jeffries on track to replace Pelosi

The 52-year-old Jeffries was concerned enough that he offered to fly to South Carolina to seek the counsel of the 82-year-old Clyburn. The younger lawmaker wanted to gently make sure his elder in the Congressional Black Caucus knew of Schiff’s quiet campaign — and to even more gently warn Clyburn about the risk of splitting …


U.S. sanctions Iranian group that put bounty on Salman Rushdie’s life

WASHINGTON —  The U.S. is imposing financial penalties on an Iranian-based organization that raised money to target British American author Salman Rushdie, who was violently attacked in August at a literary event. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned the 15 Khordad Foundation, which issued a multimillion-dollar bounty for the killing of Rushdie. He wrote “The …