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How the Poland missile strike could change Putin’s war in Ukraine

Polish President Andrzej Duda said the missile was likely a Russian-made S-300 — a weapon extensively used by Ukraine during this conflict and a legacy of its history as a Soviet state. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy specifically asked for more S-300 systems, or something similar, when he addressed Congress on March 16, three weeks after Russia’s …


What Russia’s Kherson retreat means for Putin’s war in Ukraine

At least in the short term, analysts said, the retreat makes sense. “The Russian military has been increasingly isolated on the right bank of the Dnieper,” said Michael Horowitz, head of intelligence at Le Beck, a security consultancy, “making it difficult to hold positions despite the arrival of newly mobilized soldiers.” “The Dnieper does offer …


Ksenia Sobchak flees Russia for Lithuania amid Putin’s war

Sergei Markov, a political analyst and pundit, argued that the raid shocked the Russian elite and sent a clear signal to its members that all bets were now off. “If they can arrest the daughter of Putin’s mentor … it means there are no untouchables?” Markov wrote in a commentary on the Telegram messaging app. …