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The GOP is on track to take the House. The question is by how much.

Republicans are on the cusp of capturing control of the House, giving the GOP a toehold to check President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats despite a disappointing midterm election. The GOP has clinched victory in 217 House seats, according to The Associated Press. That’s just one seat shy of the majority, with 14 districts still …


How sound makes ‘Tár’s’ conductor question her own ears

Following a 16-year absence from filmmaking, Oscar-nominated writer-director Todd Field (“In the Bedroom,” “Little Children”), returns with “Tár,” an incisive character study of genius and arrogance. As Lydia Tár, world renowned conductor-composer and foremost interpreter of Mahler, Cate Blanchett is widely thought to be the front-runner for the lead actress Oscar. Look to the film’s …