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Twitter layoffs: Former employees reveal how they got fired

Twitter employees braced themselves for a fateful email on Friday as the platform’s new owner, Elon Musk, informed a wide swath of staffers that their jobs had been eliminated.

Musk, who took ownership of the social-media giant last week, planned to eliminate about 3,700 jobs at Twitter, or half of the social media company’s workforce, in a bid to reel in costs.

The move was expected with the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s $44-billion acquisition of the company but was shocking nonetheless. It comes days after Musk told verified users that they needed to pay $8 a month to keep their blue checkmarks, celebrities and politicians included.

Some former employees filed a class-action lawsuit Thursday night alleging that Twitter is in violation of the federal and California Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act). The lawsuit came as the company sent out an email informing employees that they would receive instructions about their future with the company.

Here’s how some of the self-proclaimed “tweeps” took the news, many of whom used the hashtags #OneTeam and #LoveWhereYouWorked to show solidarity.

“Looks like I’m unemployed y’all. Just got remotely logged out of my work laptop and removed from Slack. #OneTeam forever. Loved you all so much. So sad it had to end this way” — @SBkcrn

“Just got a text telling me I’m remotely logged out of my work laptop and removed from Twitter Slack. Which is to say the least surprising, apparently I have been working at Twitter for the last two years without even realising it.” #OneTeam — @MuteDialog

“It’s been a year working at a place I never imagined I’ll ever get to work.I’m glad that I could represent for Africa & I didn’t let us down. My best career experience by far & it was beautiful whilst it lasted.Much love to all the amazing tweeps that made it worth it. #OneTeam” — @mistameister

“Twitter was the first corporate company I worked for where I didn’t feel alone. Thats because of the amazing people I worked with! You wouldn’t fully understand the culture unless you were there. #OneTeam” — @ShawnaCodes

“I got the email… I still have a job but I stayed up last night watching hard-working, talented, caring people get logged out one by one and I don’t know what to say. Tweeps, you are remarkable. #OneTeam #TwitterLayoffs” —@elibelly

“wont get to Tweet it, but here it is – the last @Twitter Tweet from my team and I Love y’all and thank you for the honor of a lifetime #OneTeam” — @Phonz

“Twitter’s internal slack right now is one long stream of blue one team hearts – the symbol of goodbye” — @lizzadwoskin

“the fact that the first thing tweeps did when layoffs were finally, officially announced was to send so many heart emojis that we broke slack says everything no one else knows about this place. #OneTeam” — @emcorinne

“well, my entire team just got locked out. officially an ex-Tweep. it’s been a wild ride #OneTeam” — @neeks_cap

Elon Musk, seen in 2020, took ownership of Twitter last week.

Elon Musk, seen in 2020, took ownership of Twitter last week.

(Hannibal Hanschke / Associated Press)

“My name is Gonzalo Lira and I am one of the faces of these Twitter layoffs. It’s not a joke guys im a person. I coach little league. I go on walks with my wife. I am a drone hobbies. I helped design that little flag for Ukraine. For what? Baffling. #OneTeam #lovewhereyouworked” — @strangertemple

“Well this isn’t looking promising. Can’t log into emails. Mac wont turn on. But so grateful this is happening at 3am. Really appreciate the thoughtfulness on the timing front guys. Meanwhile to everyone else at Twitter, you’re the best #OneTeam” — @ChrisYounie

“It’s official I’m out. Absolutely enjoyed my time and being able to be me everyday at work. My team has been fantastic and grateful I had the pleasure of working with them #LoveWhereYouWorked #OneTeam” — @TechD0C

“I’ve worked at Twitter for most of my adult life. It was a great place, full of the smartest people who all truly cared about their work and each other. I’m not sure what tomorrow brings, but I’m sad to see today go. #OneTeam” — @jcmi

“Rooting for all Tweeps, especially my brilliant Curation team, who worked relentlessly to ensure users had access to relevant, accurate info daily. The fight for healthy media platforms continues, but working with you has been the greatest honor #OneTeam” — @gwenfaviles

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